"Sick Buildings" mailing list - The most environmentally informative list along with support from many professionals and other sufferers.

"Toxic Mold Survivors" mailing list - Personal accounts of experiences with toxic mold.


Free Visual Contrast Testing

Girl in a Bubble

Dangerous Substances Used in Building

Chemical Sensitivity

Toxic Teeth

Healthy Habitats

Mesothelioma Sick Building Symptoms

MSNBC Video on Mold Dog

Many excellent resources

Awareness Petition - Please Sign

Geared towards help for teachers

Inexpensive mold testing

Referable environmental physicians

Doug Haney's website, author of "Toxic Mold, Toxic Enemy"

J. May Home Inspection Info

Dr. Johanning on Stachybotrys

The Mold Source

NYU Medical Center on sick building syndrome

Warning Signs of Sick Building Syndrome and MCS and your rights

Jobs and diseases in the construction industry

Sick of Your Co-Workers? - It May be the Building

American Academy of Environmental Medicine

Toxic Tort Law Firm with great toxic tort form to fill out

An excellent environmental awareness resource site

Chemical Coverup!


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